Current portfolio

  • SLIC Network Solutions connects communities to the world with high speed data, video and phone service via fiber to homes & businesses across Northern NY. In 2017, SLIC was recapitalized by Rock Island Capital and Management under their Atlas investment umbrella.

  • Clinithink supplies server and cloud-based tools that convert free-form medical text into fully-structured data streams that can be used by applications and analytical tools that demand structured inputs.  Cinithink's Clix software uses natural language processing and proprietary post-processing algorithms to construct fully-coded ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED strings.  The underlying SNOMED structures are retained in XML format for a myriad of uses.  The great problem in medical coding, beyond coding for billing purposes, is creating data elements that are consistently coded regardless of the input language used (e.g., myocardial infarction, MI, and heart attack are all identical).  Clix is the first software to use extensive post-processes to create repeatable codes that can be ultimately used, for example, to do detail analytical studies of symptoms, treatments and outcomes.  The first commercial application of this technology is the selection of cohorts for Phase II clinical trials.
  • Point Positive is an angel investing collective started by Adirondack investors including VAL's Lee Keet.  VAL has invested in ___ start-ups through Point Positive including:
    • Birch Boys, a local harvester of Adirondack mushrooms used to make teas and tinctures.
    • Confluent Energies, a hydroponic farming complex located near the abundant power and water of the St Lawrence river.
    • Crua outdoor tents, a designer and fabricator of unique camping equipment like insulated tents.
    • Ducted Wind Turbines build low-cost patented electricity-generating wind turbines.
    • Small Town Cultures produce fermented probiotic foods for distribution through Whole Foods and others.
  • Saranac Lake Community Solar provides solar-generated energy to over 200 homes and to Adirondack Health, the regions hospital complex and largest employer.  VAL is a 90% partner in this venture with Sunvestment Energy Group, the prime contractor.